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About Us

Welcome!! My name is Annette House, I'm 46 years young and starting this new business in hopes of improving the health of many canines.

I have worked as an LPN for the last 20 years and decided I needed to make a change in my life and begin my journey towards my true love and passion....dogs Our dogs are our family too and my belief is they should be fed a healthy, fresh food diet, whether thats raw or home cooked. I do realize not everyone is able to do this entirely, but any amount of fresh food added to their diet is helping to improve the health of your dog. Adding whole foods as a topper or as a percentage of their current diet is a very good decision. Dry, processed dog food is convenient but certainly not ideal. We have a choice whether or not to eat processed food, our dogs do not; they eat what we give them. It is your responsibility as a dog parent to provide them with the nourishment to not only survive, but to thrive! The recipes I create are formulated with much love to ensure a healthy, strong and happy dog. Its made using fresh, whole, nutritious foods I know your dog will love!

The ingredients I choose to include in my food is carefully selected. The beef, chicken, eggs, turnip, kale and carrots are from a local Newfoundland Farm! The animals are pasture raised and naturally fed to provide pure and natural tasting meat and poultry. The vegetables are pesticide free! The remaining ingredients are organic if possible. The courses I have taken are: Pet food nutrition specialist, Basics of Canine Nutrition, Complete canine nutrition, Home prepared canine diets, Herbal medicine for dogs and cats; Canine cancer - natural management, support and prevention in progress, Acute Canine Herbalism in progress, Raw food nutrition in progress. I take this business very seriously and with much pride and joy! I have worked hard to become educated enough to create these recipes and feel confident enough to share with you. My dogs are my family and I want whats best for them and I also want whats best for yours! What I make for your dogs is the same as what I feed my own, and if you know me at all, that says a lot. I hope your dog loves my food as much as mine do and lives a long, healthy and happy life with you! ❤️

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